Hello, my name is Lisa and I’ve had arthritis since I was in my early 20’s. I am now 57 and finally finding a solution to the pain.
I’ve been on many arthritis medications and most have helped to a point. But some caused stomach issues, or other side effects and others just did nothing. And they never helped the pain in my hands. It helped other arthritis issues, but never my hands. I just lived with that. Because nothing seemed to make any difference.
Until now, I have started using CBD. My son recommended it, after he had used it for pain relief himself. I’m taking the pressed pills, one 25 mg in the evening. After only 3 days I noticed I was sleeping better. I still of course woke up to go to the bathroom like 5 times. But, did not have the excruciating pain, when I moved. And then went right back to sleep. I noticed my mind had quieted down and sleep was just awesome. After another week I added a 25 mg in the morning to help with the pain during the day. And it worked.
After about a month of taking it, I noticed my hands for the first time in years had no pain. It was quite a surprise. And with there being no side effects I don’t have to worry about the horrible side effects of the Arthritis medications. I’ve not only stopped taking all the arthritis medications but have not needed the Hydrocodone during the day to alleviate the pain in my back.