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1. What is the difference between Hemp and Marijuana?


2. To explain the genre or family of Hemp to a customer … What can you compare Hemp and marijuana too?


3. In your body you have ?


4. Miracle Nutritional Products CBD  is derived from Hemp from A federally approved farm in what location?


5. Miracle Nutritional Products Trademarked Slogan is


6. What is the most Famous and well-known Cannabinoid ?


7. Cannabinoids are a Class of _____ Derived from Cannabis plants ?


8. When talking about Nutritional products a COA Stands for


9. Miracle Nutritional Products are members of


10. In 2003 The Hemp Industries Association won a huge court decision against  the DEA in the United States Court of appeals for the ______.


11. True or False Miracle Nutritional products will get you High ?


12. Can you Fail an Employment Drug Test or Probation Drug Test  with Miracle Nutritional Products?


13. The Legal Limit for THC in the United States is currently


14. On how many levels do Dealers in Miracle Nutritional Products get paid  a Commission System?


15. There are several levels of Dealers and Distributors of Miracle Nutritional Products, they rank as follows:


16. Miracle Nutritional Products Authorized Dealers get _____ percent off the retail Store price, with orders over $1,000.This is called the Wholesale Price .


17. Miracle Nutritional Products Distributors Get an Additional ____Off the Wholesale Price. Distributors order 10 cases of one item. This is called distributor price.


18. Miracle Nutritional Products Distributors must purchase _____ Cases of each item when they order .


19. Miracle Nutritional Products Platinum Dealers receive a 10% commission on the sales of the Authorized Dealers that they set up?


20. Miracle Nutritional Products Authorized Distributors get a 10% Commission on what they Sell True or False ?


21. Miracle Nutritional Products are sold as a Nutritional Supplement and therefore according to US Laws NO  Medical claims can be made and the authorized dealer agrees to NOT make any claims ,an example of a medical claim is as follows :


22. CBD Isolate is :


23. Full Spectrum Contains


24. Which is the purest most refined way to get your Cbd with No toxins or carcinogens ?


25. In the Science world CBD is an ?


26. Cbd is a Neuroprotectant


27. Miracle nutritional products was founded in ?


28. Miracle Nutritional Products are sold in ______ Stores


29. When it comes to CBD and the way you Eat it or take it or even Vape it, including the way you put it on your skin it is called a:


30. The following statement is not true:

CBD Is a


31. According to many written documents Hemp has been around since?


32. Cheech and Chong Got high from what Molecule ?


33. A Carcinogen is what?


34. The term toxin means ?


35. What is the difference between CBD from Colorado or CBD From Kentucky ?


36. Where is a CBD  receptor found?


37. Miracle Nutritional Products Authorized Dealers ____ off the retail store price with orders from $300 – $999. This is the authorized dealer price.


38. The abbreviation for CBD stands for


39. Cbd is a stimulant


40. Cbd comes from hemp ?


41. Cbd comes from THC


42. According to Forbes magazine CBD is a 220 Million Industry in 2017 and is expected to grow to _______ by 2021


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