New Product Release: CBD Hangover Recovery

Miracle Nutritional Products has released a new product, 200mg of CBD in 3 different flavors, incorporated as a Hangover Recovery.

Hangover Recovery is 200 mg of CBD in 3 different flavors, fruit punch, lemon lime and orange. This product is a crystal isolate form that can be mixed with water and it is to be used as a supplement for the following:

Do you feel like you are coming down with a cold, flu or sickness?
Are you jet lagged from a trip?
Do you have a migraine?
Do you just feel run down and tired?
Are you hungover?

Take a shot of our Hangover Recovery and feel better today!

Call us at (863) 703- HEMP to place an order for our brand new product! As always, it is our pleasure to continue to earn your business!