Barrons CannaShots Non-alchoholic Cannabinoid Shots (Case of 48pcs)

Cannashots Cannabinoid Infused Non Alcoholic Beverage Mocktails 
These amazingly authentic flavors taste like real alcohol but with zero alcohol.
Loaded With CBD !
25mg each Shot !

Enjoy straight, over ice or with a mixer! 
10 Flavors 
Tennessee Whisky
Kentucky Straight Bourbon
Ball of Fire (Cinnamon Whisky )
Tequila Sunrise 
Rum and Cola
Pina Colada

Retail -$6.95 
Case of 48 $167.00
Pricing is based on case pricing.
This Products contains less than .03% THC  and is made from a hemp derived broad spectrum extract . 

Storage & Handling Conditions:

In order to preserve freshness, store in sealed containers away from light, heat and humidity. Temperatures not to exceed 85°F and less than 50% relative humidity.

Pricing and Quantity Selection Above Is Based On Case Price. 

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