Amended Drug Law Legalizes Hemp

On Wednesday, December 12th, the US Farm Bill amended a major drug law that hasn’t been altered in over 50 years.

American farmers will be able to plant and harvest hemp, a strain of the same plant species from which marijuana originates. The move alters the language of a major drug law that had previously remained unchanged for half a century and loosely defined hemp alongside marijuana as a controlled substance. The new bill exempts hemp from that law and defines it as an agricultural product. That means farmers and researchers of hemp now get some of the same benefits as farmers and researchers of other crops, like the ability to apply for insurance and federal grants. 

It is important as active members in the CBD community; that you are well informed of changes, legalities, and other factors that can have an impact on your business. We hope to remain your primary point of contact provided key news and information as it happens to help you be ahead of the curve. 

You can read the US Farm Bill in it’s entirety from the U.S. Government here: US Farm Bill 115th Congress

View the full Miracle Nutritional Products Press Release on the US Farm Bill.

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